Website Conception

A good website is more than beautiful looks. A captivating website is as important as it is capable of giving a good visual impression to users.

Web and App Development

Your website will be the core interaction between your business and your customers. This is why we emphasise on the aesthetics and functionality of your website to distinguish your brand from the rest, ultimately converting customers into devoted followers.

How Responsive Web Design will revamp your business :

  • Offer users a mobile-friendly experience (tablets and smartphones)
  • A consistent experience that will increase SEO, CRO and PPC
  • Analytics, tracking, and reporting can all be done in one place
  • Decreased time and cost of on-site content management

Stay ahead of the competition by choosing ibrands: Our digital strategists and designers will build you a website that captures the essence of your brand and one that effectively captivates your target audience in order to achieve their goals conveniently. Join us to create an immersive, distinctive experience for your customers today!

We will engage in a 5-step process during the design and development of your website to ensure it runs smoothly.

Step 1 : Define purpose, target audience and end goals.
Step 2 : Plan sitemap and subpage contents.
Step 3 : Develop design elements and page layout.
Step 4 : Conduct testing and optimisation.
Step 5 : Launch, maintain and update.

Our Certified Partner

Our Team

Alain Lye

Web & E-Commerce Specialist

As a leading web developer in Penang with 9 years experience, our resident web designer has served reputable clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada throughout his career.

Let ibrands be that edge you need to move your brand forward!

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