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Important Instagram Elements for Content Creation

As  we  are  now  so  deeply  immersed  in  the  world  of  Instagram,  it’s  easy  to  forget  about  the  foundational  principles  of  it  all.  Important  media  elements  are easily   overlooked when   managing  our  Instagram accounts  because  many  businesses   are  pushed  to deliver  tons  of  information about their products or services in just a short duration of me.

Ibrands  Digital  will  point  out  a  few  important  elements  as  a  quick  guide  for  an  exponentially  better engagement on your Instagram:

Visual Design

The  brand’s  visual  outlook  and  brand  design  is  an  important  element  in  Instagram  content  creation  because  it  presents  the  overall  “look”  of  the  brand  to  its  audience.  A  useful  tip:  In  the  initial  designing  phase  of  a  brand’s  visuals,  create  a  colour  palette  as  a  permanent  reference  for  designing future contents.

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With  this,  there  will  be  standardisation  in  the colour  theme  and  graphic  elements .  For example,  ibrand’s  colour  palette  incorporates pastel  beige  and  earthy  tones,  sporting  an overall  minimalist  theme.  Start-up  brands  can begin  by  deciding  on  a  brand-appropriate  colour scheme  in  which  they  want  to  present  their brand  (e.g.,  bright  tones,  earthy  tones,  cool  tones).  This  method  aids  in  the  consistent  delivery  of  the  brand’s  overall  image,  style,  and  atmosphere  to  their  target  audiences  via  social  media  platforms like Instagram.


Creating an aesthetic moodboard is another important element on Instagram. It determines the brand’s first impression to new audiences and gives them a sense of what aesthetics the brand wants to portray. However, many brands tend to run out of ideas quickly when creating content, restricted by the theme they have limited themselves to. Furthermore, audiences will eventually get bored of the same digital graphics or designs. Therefore, brands can try incorporating more portrait and texture photos in marketing their goods to retain their audiences’ attentions. We listed a variety of elements to inspire you in creating your own content:

✅ Picture of product with brand logo
✅ Lifestyle pictures
✅ Portrait pictures
✅ Picture of product’s texture

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By integrating various types of pictures and posters, it brings variety and freshness to your moodboard, and in turn, attracts your audiences to find inspiration and ideas from your content.

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Authenticity is essential to creating great content on Instagram and growing a more devoted following. With everything being digitised nowadays, audiences tend to seek a sense of authenticity. Authentic content marketing establishes a meaningful relationship with your target audience. With authentic and real brand stories being significantly less common on Instagram, it is more likely for audiences to recall the stories you tell.

Real stories are relatable and will invite the audience to feel like a part of your brand. While many businesses feel that using shocking photos and inventive graphics is the greatest way to stand out, an authentic brand story is considerably more advantageous when it comes to breaking the mould and standing out. Humans, after all, are emotional beings. You’ll be more successful by inviting your audiences to discover more about the brand story, its real trials and tribulations, and genuine photographs showing what goes on behind the scenes with capons sharing about what happens offline.

Lifestyle – Finding your Niche

The use of Instagram has increased dramatically in recent years, therefore in managing our Instagram account, we must establish a list of things that are a true passion of your team. Don’t be just concerned about money, fame, or numbers. When you truly enjoy something, it becomes much simpler to work on it continuously for decades to come, plus, your specific passion will become your niche. To find your brand’s niche, first make a list of the items and activities that bring you and your team joy.

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Then, to narrow it down, group your list into common themes. Finally, include these themes in your brand’s Instagram posts and you’ll instantly appear more real and authentic. Having a niche will be the main reason why people visit your brand’s page or even your personal profile, page, or channel. It makes your brand have a unique appeal and brings your brand a step closer to your target audiences. Because there are likely many other people in your field of interest , you’ll need to figure out ways to make your content more appealing. Despite health and fitness, beauty, travel, business, and fashion contents being the most attractive niche on Instagram, thousands of influencers are discussing these topics on their Instagram accounts. If we put in consistent effort and commitment, while embracing our unique voices and personalities in our brand’s content creation, it is possible for us to make a career as a blogger, vlogger, or Instagram influencer.

Followers Engagement

When it comes to engagement on Instagram, we are aware that people follow the accounts of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and Influencers because the content they create interests and attracts their audiences. If you are managing a brand by yourself, we suggest you constantly create interactive communication with your followers, no matter which industry you specialise in. When we get a grip on the type of content our audiences like to see, we should create even more content that caters to them, so they get a sense of fulfilment they are looking for and a connection to the brand itself.

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For instance, women on Instagram tend to follow beauty creators and fashion bloggers for skincare, makeup and fashion contents and get inspiration from them. Knowing this, the content creator should continue to share more about their own brand’s topics, let’s say, skincare. Thus, when that influencer or blogger shares a new skincare product, his or her followers become easily interested and curious about the product experience and the benefits which the product offers, making that creator even more successful.


There are ups and downs in life. The truth is, when we have people around us who can support, assist, and guide us, the impact of our down periods will be far less severe. If you want to take your relationship with your audience to the next level, consider publishing encouraging or inspiring and motivational quotes by sharing personal experiences or content with them. One of the most beneficial aspects of social media like Instagram is that it provides us with stories that invoke tenderness and make us appreciate our lives, ambitions, and friends. In fact, Instagram is the best instrument for spreading inspiring quotes, beliefs, stories, and articles.

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Posting motivating content on a regular basis not only encourages audiences to keep going, but it also helps us as content creators to feel satisfied for having effectively motivated and inspired our audiences. Making your brand objectives public is another great approach to increase the likelihood that you’ll achieve them, because you’re now motivated by the promise you’ve announced to the public. . So make your objectives public on social media and talk about them with your audiences. You will be driven in your personal life and even inspire others to achieve their own ambitions, for which they will appreciate you for. To summarise , Instagram may be utilised to push both us and our audience to achieve even greater goals.

Instagram is a powerful platform which has every power to skyrocket your audience reach, if everything is done right. .It’s only a matter of putting it to good use. Ibrands Digital hopes that this helpful information can assist you in producing creative and fantastic contents for a more engaging social interaction with your audiences. 

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