Video Production

Why do you and i prefer videos over words?
Because it appeals to two senses at once : Sight and Sound, making it highly appealing and interesting to the minds of any age range, 7 months or 70 years!


In the digital age whereby the over-saturation of information leads to fleeting attention spans, videos aid in delivering striking messages that tugs at emotions through auditory and visual storytelling elements. At ibrands, we are eager to fuse your brilliant ideas with our calibre to springboard your online presence through video marketing. These videos give customers a sense of how the company functions and the values they uphold in a transparent and honest manner. In return, you gain credibility and integrity.

Our videos portfolio

Our Team

Ee Wei

Video Content Creator

A gentle, sensitive and patient animated motion graphic designer with great charisma, Ee- Wei single-handedly managed numerous mega projects for major brands such as Nestle, Dutch Lady and McDonald’s.

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