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The role of Social Media in Brand Promotion

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We are currently living in an era of information technology, which has had a significant influence on both business and daily life. It has allowed for the unlimited exchange of information and communication, opened up e-commerce for business communities, and made social media an effective tool for increasing brand awareness and brand promotion. Social media is the new platform for brands to connect people from all over the world through online presence. To modernise how businesses interact with their customers, they have incorporated social marketing as a unique component of the marketing suite mix. As a result, businesses are increasingly using social media in place of traditional forms of advertising.

Social media plays a vital role in developing a communication and marketing strategy through brand promotion. Furthermore, social media comes with a wide range of tools to address each individual customer’s marketing preferences as well as the enquiries received regarding these tools. Brands may be advertised through social media in various ways. For instance, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide great features eg. Live session feature and chat automation tools which allow brands to foster relationships with audiences through interactive and tailored contents. This allows for greater engagement with their community efficiently, thus making these platforms very appealing to brand companies seeking to attract large audiences online.


Social media are used by businesses to enhance their brand image and expand their online presence. This can be done by effectively managing social networks, posting engaging content frequently, updating pages frequently for maximum exposure, and using visual content to tell stories. Yes, social media is, by default, free for all to use, but marketers often find that paying a small price to advertise on the platform gives a very advantageous cost-to-income ratio. This is especially beneficial to small businesses with small budgets that fluctuate from month to month. Conversely, traditional advertising methods, such TV, radio, banner ads, and print placements, are more popular as an advertising medium among multinational companies and non-profit organisations.

Social media has unleashed new opportunities that have never been seen or heard of before, even just 10 years ago. Needless to say, we all know signing up and creating an account on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is completely free. As a result, this acts as a cost- effective strategy for brand promotion. Even though social media has its own intricacies that require some serious undertakings , many small businesses still use it to promote their brands and achieve a competitive edge to reach their desired audience. Businesses may access, set up profiles, and post content without having to invest any money at all. Millions of social media users spend a lot of time on these sites each day, cruising for creative contents and interesting information. By setting up your business amongst this high-traffic space, you have a fair opportunity to be seen and heard, and ideally, even make a sale.


Almost every business is looking for cost-effective options for their brand promotion and marketing mix in the current recessionary economy, and social media is the strategy that has made it easier for brands to encourage customer loyalty. We hope that this article helps you to have a deeper understanding of social media and its role in brand promotion. Ibrands Digital offers the best brand strategy planning tailored to the needs of your company.