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Tips to avoid Procrastination

All of our opportunities appear to be right at our fingertips at times, yet we can’t seem to grasp them. Why? Because we tell ourselves “we will do it tomorrow” or “I’m too busy right now”. When we procrastinate, we are wasting time that could be spent on something more important. We will be able to do more and better exploit the opportunities that life has to offer if we can overcome this bad habit. We already know that today’s environment is conducive to procrastination. That’s why understanding how to overcome this bad habit is one of the most valuable skills we can acquire.

Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. It helps you to organize your time and resources so that you can make the most of your life. It provides more direction, more concentration, increased productivity, and higher motivation level. Setting clear and realistic goals changes your behavior, mentality, confidence, and everyday activities. Goals also lead to increased effectiveness, better planning, as well as better time, energy, and concentration management, allowing you to achieve higher productivity in both work and life.


“Out of sight, out of mind” applies perfectly here. Sometimes all you need to do is build a barrier between yourself and your distractions. Example: put up a curtain using a beautiful bed sheet you already own to separate your workspace from your resting space. It may seem unimportant to have a defined workplace, but you’ll be astonished at how effective it is at helping your brain differentiate between resting mode and productive mode. Your phone is another massive source of distraction. A smartphone presents temptations that take you away from your concentration with its notifications, games, and social apps. It’s better to turn on your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” mode, which will mute calls, messages, and alerts until you decide otherwise. Concerned about missing a very important call? Even if this setting is enabled, you can customize your settings to allow particular callers to ring you.


It takes time and patience to establish new physical and mental routines, so finding ways to sustain your dedication and motivation is a must. While creating a new habit and long-term personal improvement is hard, sticking to it is even harder. However, to create a positive association with your hardworking moments, you must also set a reward to look forward to. We mustn’t overlook the importance of self-reward. Self encouragement gives a deep sense of satisfaction, which in turn boosts your confidence and pride that eventually translates to more motivation to complete more accomplishments. Focusing on the reward when doing a task will mentally simplify even the most overwhelming activities and will encourage you to complete it efficiently.


Taking a break from work will help us to recover from stress; a very counterintuitive activity that actually makes us perform better in the end. Recovering from stress can help us regain physical and mental energy while also alleviating fatigue, insomnia, and heart disease. We can’t generate great work while we’re under non-stop pressure. That’s why taking occasional breaks is a must, however, be mindful that we do not fall back into our procrastination cycle during this break. Anything short and quick that relieves workplace stress, such as doing breathing exercises, taking a walk, reading a book chapter, or even getting a massage at work, are all good ways for us to take a break.


Deadlines enable us to work towards a common objective and keep large-scale projects on track. Deadlines allow us to establish expectations because they specify what we must deliver and when we must deliver it. Consequently, we can immediately get started with the task at hand with a clear direction. Setting deadlines is also a common and efficient method of assisting us in completing tasks in the order of their priority. Given that we only have so little time and there are so many things we want to accomplish, prioritizing what is most essential to us and setting a time frame for those activities can help us make better use of our time.

Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into, therefore, brands definitely need to commit to a digital marketing agency to monitor branding activities as well as to prioritize short-term goals and manage your workload effectively. Ibrands Digital provides the ideal planning for your branding strategy catered to your business’s needs.